Saturday, July 9, 2016

On Hiatus... See You in the Fall

Due to several new projects (and now summer), I have been on a blogging hiatus since January. I expect to return in the fall, so check back then...

For now, enjoy some of my old posts (consider this a "greatest hits" compilation):

Social Studies Education

The Case for Elementary Social Studies Specialists

What Happened to Elementary Social Studies? ...And How Can We Get It Back?

Massachusetts Social Studies Standards (Parts 1 and 2)

The Tale of Two Education Reports

Teaching History and Civics

Teaching Race and the Last 20 Years / Trayvon Martin / Black Lives Matter Movement 

Teaching Race and the “Good War”: The Role of Racism in World War II 

100th Anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre: Teaching Workers' Rights 

10 Worst Supreme Court Decisions

Teaching the Boston Tea Party 

Resources for the History of Thanksgiving

Teaching Tiananmen Square 

Education in Boston and Massachusetts

The Tale of Two Schools and the Failure of Education Reform

"Education Improvement" Not "Education Reform"

The Future of BPS and the Search for a New Superintendent

Boston's Education Mayor: None of the Above 

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